Superior Natural Gas Corporation

Superior Natural Gas—it’s our name and our business. And when it comes to managing natural gas, we’ve made it our personal mission to know more about it than anyone, anywhere. That means thinking beyond just the balancing pool. We make your wellhead challenge ours, rolling up our sleeves to diligently ensure you get the best possible price for your product. In short, doing what others don’t. 

For more than 25 years, we’ve provided robust, back-office support and systems for gas scheduling, gas accounting, gas processing, credit management, reporting and payments, investing millions in proprietary solutions to ensure that your payments are clear and timely. We think like our customers; we treat every molecule of gas like it was our own. The fact that we’ve done it this way for so long gives us the power to anticipate and react before the herd, giving our customers a unique advantage.

In this business, reputation is everything. And ours continues to stand the test of time. Our people have been with us a long time and we’re proud to have one of the industry’s lowest turnover rates. Reputation. Relationships. Passion. That’s how good companies happen.