Superior Natural Gas Corporation

We have an extensive domestic footprint. The reputation we’ve earned in the regions we’ve worked has allowed us to continue building strategic relationships and transmission systems across the country—offshore and onshore. As unconventional production continues to flip the equations, relationships mean everything. 

If you need a partner with a plan, we’re your resource.


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Active Pipeline Systems

American Midstream Onshore Pipeline, LLC (Lafitte)
ANR Pipeline Company
Black Marlin Co.
Bridgeline Gas Distribution, LLC
Centana Intrastate Pipeline, LLC
Chandeleur Pipe Line Company
Columbia Gulf Transmission
Crosstex Lig, LLC
Cypress Gas Pipeline
Dauphin Island Gathering Partners
Dauphin Island Gathering System
DCP Mobile Bay Plant
Destin Pipeline Co., LLC
Discovery Gas Transmission
Enterprise Texas Pipeline, LLC
Florida Gas Transmission
Garden Banks Gas Pipeline, LLC
Gulf South Pipeline Company
High Island Offshore System
High Point Gas Gathering, LLC
High Point Gas Transmission, LLC
Houston Pipeline
Humble Gas Pipeline Company
Kinder Morgan Tejas Pipeline, LLC
Kinder Morgan Texas Pipeline, LLC
Kinetica Energy Express, LLC
Kinetica Midstream Energy, LLC
Manta Ray Offshore Gathering Company
Medusa Pipeline
Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America
Nautilus Pipeline System
Pelican Gas Gathering
PSI Midstream - CLGS
Sabine Hub Services - Henry Hub
Sabine Pipe Line, LLC
Sea Robin Pipeline Company, LLC
Sea Robin Pipeline Company, LLC - East
Seahawk Pipeline
Sipco Gas Transmission Corporation
Southern Natural Gas
Stingray Pipeline Company
TC Offshore LLC
Tennessee Gas Pipeline
Texas Eastern Transmission
Texas Gas Transmission
Transcontinental Gas Pipe
Trunkline Gas Company
Venice Gathering System, LLC
Vesco Energy Services Company
VK Deepwater Gathering