Superior Natural Gas Corporation

Superior is the gas-marketing affiliate of Walter Oil & Gas Corporation, one of the top independent oil and gas producers in the Gulf of Mexico. Superior also has multiple subsidiaries including: SIPCO Gas Transmission Corporation, a Texas instrastate pipeline; Superior Processing Services Corporation and SPSC Terrebone, LLC, both of which provide gas-processing services; and SNG Exploration LLC, which invests in domestic drilling and exploration projects.

We also maintain ongoing working relationships with numerous independent oil and gas producers, enabling us to absorb market-demand interruption or supply failures without compromising the reliability of service.

Back-office support can win or lose the day—any day, every day. At Superior, we take our back-office capabilities seriously, with proprietary systems for gas scheduling, gas accounting, gas processing, credit management, reporting and payments to ensure that your payments are clear and timely. We offer real-time data, analysis, 24/7 operations and redundancy, which includes a full disaster-recovery and operations solution.

In an industry marked by volatility and frequent name changing, Superior Natural Gas stands out. We’re a Top-50 energy manager and have been in business for more than 25 years. Building on decades of discipline and prudent strategies, we’re financially solid, with annual revenues in excess of a half-billion dollars. Most importantly, we constantly manage credit exposure with every involved party.

Once gas comes out of the wellbore, the possibilities are endless. Superior Natural Gas is in the business of recognizing those possibilities and generating the greatest possible returns for our clients. Whether it’s butane or propane, we line up the buyers, transportion and processing required. We also know the strengths and limitations of plants along the line and have the leverage to negotiate terms accordingly.

There’s nothing easy about the logistics of getting natural gas from point A to point B—at least for those who do it right. Between transportion and processing, sellers and buyers, you could be looking at 12-14 contracts just to move your product. Then there are credit concerns and regulatory issues. Frankly, you have to love this business.

And we do—24/7. Our people have a passion for their work, a fact reinforced by an uncharacteristically low employee turnover. And further exemplified by uncharacteristically high performance in an industry with tight economics and tolerances.